How to Discover Who You Really Are?

Don’t Hold Back
January 15, 2017
Roses In His Garden
February 6, 2017

So there she was..
Little princess with everything she’s ever wanted. Beautiful,brilliant…
The trend setter in school, the nucleus of the in-crowd.
Yet she’s loved by the teachers. Outwardly calm, outwardly gently, outwardly enduring..
Beautiful disposition… Satisfactory… The envy of her peers…
Peaceful?  NO

Little did any one know..

Little princess was floundering.. Flitting thither and yon, little princess was lost. Seeking the next rainbow..But the skies never yielded any that lasted.Fickle Skies.Unbending.. Her life.. Inwardly turbulent, inwardly dissatisfied, inwardly brewing, sizzling, boiling….

A party tonight, a new boyfriend to call at night just to feel accepted. Yet, a different boyfriend in a fortnight.. And yet it seemed no-one really understood let alone accepted her.
Cool, calm and collected?  Oh NO.

Then it happened. The change was set in motion…

Final year, high school, yet another new boyfriend.Or maybe a new old boyfriend..must have been. Something impinged on the peripheral of her consciousness. She’d never really understood it though she’d been hearing it for ages.. On the TV, radio, newspapers, billboards. It’s been marketed to her since she was aware of such and every Sunday since. She’s never bought any of it though. Not really.
And what she learnt was just a tip of the iceberg and really, that tip wasn’t quite sharp… A simple statement which was constantly proven to her over the years though.. Simple yet profound and powerful….

And here goes…

God really loves you. Said to her by a guy a friend introduced to her. She got fixated on his looks until she got hooked on his confidence in the love of Christ and his reciprocal love for his savour. She’d never really heard Christianity “marketed” in such a way,she thought. The picture still wasn’t so clear. Really, she’d heard the same statement over and over again but wasn’t sure why it chose to stick that year. Really, the guy told her about God’s love demonstrated through Christ.

Then the chase began… The search for God. She tried working to get God’s attention,prayed,fasted but it never really seemed to be working for her. She bargained and haggled but felt nothing. Not until two years after. The Amber tinted wool over her eyes were removed. She got to learn, got to discover and still is discovering just what that is one simple statement means.

God loves you.

She got to internalize that fact. Really, Paul explains it best in Romans 8:35-39. Found out that she doesn’t need to do anything to earn or “unearn” God’s love. She doesn’t need to qualify or disqualify for God’s favour,that only being a believer in Christ,allowing Him to lead her,submitting to His loving guidance makes God her protector, her El-shaddai, her Father..not talking Godfather here but Kingdomfather.

She turned over the keys to the vehicle of her life to the only one who knows the end from the beginning and who’d formed her and known her even from her mother’s womb. So now, no more floundering.. Cuz though this might be a cliche, it’s true: she’s standing on THe ROCK. She realized that true satisfaction comes from one place,one measure.. When you have your rest in Christ and Christ alone. She’s getting to realize that she can leave things in HIs hands and trust Him to get ’em done… That’s it. TRUST that God LOVES you too much not to have your VERY BEST interest at heart..Jeremiah 29:11.

Then the tip of the iceberg started gaining shape not in her mind anymore but in her Spirit. A sharp,clear,well defined tip.

So here’s the big princess…
The Real Princess,
Princess of THE Kingdom.
An heir,even a joint heir with Christ. Floundering?  That’s a thing of the past.. Something the old man used to experience. And even though some things happen that confound her mind, she’s still not floundering..still not wandering…lost… Like Brandon Heath sang in his song titled No Turning Back, “though I may wander, I am not lost….I’m following Jesus now and He knows the way…”
She’d sing that last part as He is THE WAY cuz He truly is the way..The one and only way to experiencing PEACE.


  1. Avatar Suji Adetuwo says:

    This is an excellent post…Thanks a lot.

  2. Avatar prince jacob says:

    Lovely, dis isnt fictional as i see it but a person summarized experience. God bless

  3. Oh,Boy!This is profound!
    One more witness: This is an excellent post.
    Sure not a fiction! Glory to God!
    God bless you ma.

  4. Avatar Charles Nnam says:

    This is wonderful!
    Glory to God!!

  5. Avatar Charles Nnam says:

    This is wonderful!
    Glory to God!!

  6. Avatar r2isaac says:

    Wow I love dis post

  7. Avatar r2isaac says:

    Wow God is wonderful,I luv dis post so so much I feel lyk re reading it.

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