About us


Do you desire the understanding of God's word with clarity? This blog is aimed at communicating God’s word to you with simplicity and accuracy especially in the following areas;

Gospel—this section comprises topics that explain the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ as demonstrated by Christ himself, and preached by his apostles in the scriptures. It is aimed at rediscovering the saving gospel in this careless world.
Faith—this is one of the doctrine in Christianity that has undergone hybridization over the years. Consequently, I found it pertinent to carefully unveil the true bible faith as documented in the scriptures. This section is made up of topics that will energize your faith project.
Love—if there is anything a man must learn about the bible; it is the fact that it is a love story. Every page of the bible must leave a knowledge in our heart; the fact that God loves humans. Hence, I found it necessary to tell you about God’s love and to teach you how to walk in love towards your fellow humans.

Healing—we live in a world that is separated from the awesome experiences of old. To many, divine healing remains a theory but the men of old handled it, embraced it and rejoiced over it. This section is aimed at re-informing people about the supernatural power and works of God and helping everyone to walk in divine healing and to minister healing to people that need to be healed around them.
Ministry—ministry has taken a new form that is not patterned after the examples that are obtainable in the scriptures. Hence, it is a matter of urgency to rediscover the biblical way of which ministry should be carried out. This section is devoted to achieving this purpose.
Teachings—this section is made up of topics which might not fit under the sections highlighted above or topics which at the discretion of the owner of this blog are considered teachings.